Five Things To Do Now You're Engaged

Five Things To Do Now You're Engaged

5 Things To Do Now You're Engaged


YOU'RE ENGAGED!! Woohoo, now let’s pop some bubbly! Excitement is high and it’s all feeling so real. We’ve put together a few helpful tips and steps to follow to get you down the aisle in no stress.


Soak it All In!

Now please, before you get to any actual planning and brainstorming, pop the bubbly and enjoy this time! This is by far one of the most exciting time in your life and the start of a new journey with your loved one. Relish in the feeling of being a fiancé and celebrate this time with family and friends. Take some time off and spend it with your partner and start dreaming about the day and have a casual chat about what you both envision for the day.


Talk Priorities & Get The Ball Rolling

When you’re both ready and the excitement and overwhelm has settled a bit, sit down with your partner, talk to each other, share your thoughts and priorities and what you both have in mind and try and come up with a budget, before starting to put plans into motion. Important thing to consider and take note of: What do you want your day to feel like (the setting, the vibe?) Thing about the time of year (season, weather) and which best suits your perfect day. Who do you see sharing this day with, will it be a small intimate gathering or a big celebration..


Start Jotting Down


Begin to compile a list of locations and venues you both love and have thought, would be perfect for your wedding. Compare these lists and see what would work best for your idea and plans for your wedding day and start to narrow down your options. Go read our blog post on 24 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue for some helpful tips to choosing a venue for your dream day.


Pop The Question

Once you have things in motion and serious planning has begun, think of whom you want standing by your side and bridesmaids and best men for your big day. This can sometimes be a tricky process, really consider who has been there for you through thick and thin as a friend before asking them. Once you’re sure and have discussed this, get asking away!


Save The Date & Celebrate

Exciting times ahead and you’re so stoked to spread the news and tell your friends and family! It’s overwhelming and stressful to be bombarded and bothered with questions as people start to ask you about the date, the venue, where you’re getting your dress, who’s your photographer?! We get it and that is why it’s so important to take these 5 points into consideration, which will prepare you for all the excited questions and just enjoy your engagement.


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    Zoe Seyler
    Jan 28, 2020

    These five things are too much important but I cant think about this and the last point is my favorite. Now I will be sharing this post in the royal essays group and it's sure all of the students just like it because most are engaged.

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