Five Go To Wedding Hair Styles

Five Go To Wedding Hair Styles

5 Go to Wedding hairstyles

It’s almost your wedding day and you still haven’t found the hairstyle for you?
Well you’re in luck, here are some of my favorites and who knows maybe you’ll find the one you want.

Long Wavy

Looking for a casual but still gorgeous look? Well then look no further because this is the one.
Your hair won't stand out as much as it would with other hairstyles but that’s what makes this hairstyle so unique and gorgeous.

French Twist

If your looking for something classy then this might be the one for you.

It has a very elegant touch to it and you most definitely will be the most astonishing bride of 2019.

French plait/braid

If you’re looking for a style that is cute and beautiful this is it.
And lucky for you, any face shape can look good with a French braid and with this hairstyle everyone's eyes will be on you.

Classy Rose bun

If you like roses then you can try out this look.
The rose makes the hairstyle all the more beautiful it makes the hairstyle look so simple yet not simple at all.

Rose flower crown

This classy look can work for any length of hair. It’s not too flashy but not too casual either.
This is a very romantic look.

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